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Sarah Francois LCSW

Sarah Francois works with adult patients to address depression and anxiety as well as trauma sequelae which are manifest by depressed or anxious mood, obsessive-compulsive behaviors, insomnia, substance misuse, and interpersonal problems.   She employs Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and relevant clinical adaptations to address mood or anxiety disorders with co-occurring substance use disorders and/or trauma recovery as well as singular diagnoses.  

She is a subject matter expert in psychotherapeutic interventions to address deep, psychological wounds often referred to as "moral injury”.  Sarah applies CBT, Adaptive Disclosure, and Narrative Therapy interventions to address debilitating guilt, shame, or betrayal while embracing spiritual well-being and meaning-making in mental health treatment.  Sarah has a strong commitment to mental health recovery and adopts a strengths-based treatment approach.  Sarah has been a Clinical Social Worker since 2003.