Nutrition Evaluation and Counseling


What is Nutrition Counseling?

Nutrition counseling is providing nutrition education/therapy to those who would like to improve their eating habits and overall relationship with food. It is learning how to nourish your body in a healthful, balanced way while including variety and foods you love.

Our registered dietitian will work collaboratively with each patient to develop an individualized meal plan, provide education and work on developing intuitive eating habits, while challenging potential fears, to work toward a full and lifelong recovery.

Why Do It?

Our diet driven culture sends so many dangerous and often untrue messages about food and eating that it prevents people from having positive, balanced relationships with food and eating. Nutrition counseling helps people sift through these messages to learn truths about food and eating and what our bodies need to be happy and healthy.

What Types of Services do We Provide?

  • Creating meal plans
  • Meal plan monitoring
  • Weight monitoring
  • Determining appropriate goal/target weight ranges
  • Nutrition education regarding a variety of topics including balanced eating and fad diets

How Do I Get Connected?

Call us today to set up your phone screen at 608-205-4450.