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Setting Boundaries Workshop

Join me in this workshop series designed to help you uncovering and live a life authentic to you! The goal of this series is to create space for introspection, vulnerability and allow the possibility for meaningful and authentic connections that allow us to be ourselves and help to sustain and support healthy choices, goals, and intentions. You can join us for one, a few or all of the sessions - whatever works best for your schedule and goals!

  • August 22nd - FEAR, UNCERTAINTY & CONTROL: learn to explore your barriers and shift your perspective to see fear as a confidant and unlock the secrets to living a more authentic life with limitless potential
  • September 19th - SELF-BRANDING: Uncover and explore what it is that makes you you and learn how to communicate that to others, moving away from the pressures, stigma and norms of our culture
  • October 10th - STOP BEING SO MEAN TO YOURSELF: We would never talk to others the way we talk to ourselves! Learn how to identify, challenge and move away from our negative self-talk and deeply held beliefs
  • November 14th - SETTING BOUNDARIES: Setting boundaries is a hard skill often accompanied by shame, guilt, and fear. Learn how to set and maintain boundaries that work for you and allow you to break free from the pressures pushed upon you
  • December 12th - MINIMALISM: We are a culture of consumerism and could do with less stuff, but let's go deeper and help you let go of resentment, shame, anger and fear to live freer and more authentic to you
  • January 9th - GOAL SETTING 101: Ditch the New Years Resolution and learn how to set goals that will lead to long-lasting change and that connect to your values and desires. 

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